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JUNETEENTH Oberlin 2021

We the Juneteenth committee want to thank all who made this year's Juneteenth a success, even though the country was and still is going through a pandemic, we still managed to pull together and made this year's Juneteenth a huge success. First, we want to thank Mr. Robert Hillard, the City

Manager of Oberlin for all his continuous support, guidance and encouragement to ensure that this Community Holiday and now a National Holiday take place in this community every year. Thanks to the administrators of the city of Oberlin, the city Council, the Police and Fire Departments and Auxiliary workers, the public works, and the light and power Plant for helping and making sure the water was flowing and the supplying of the electricity during the festival and making sure all was safe and secure for the community and other visiting communities. Thank you to all those who helped with the setup, clean up and the breaking down of the festival, you are much appreciated for all your hard and dedicated work each year. Thanks to the Cemetery workers and the program, "Claiming the Unclaimed," and to Mrs. Margret Christian for all her knowledge, research, hard work and absolute dedication to Potter's Field Cemetery. Thanks to Oberlin College, Mr. Wayne Woods, the Director of Student life Auxiliaries and Special Project, the student volunteers, the Oberlin College Alumni, and the Building and Grounds for all their help in making this event a joyous event. A special thanks to The UPS Store for all the special work they do for Juneteenth all through the year for preparing for this event to take place, printing all programs, flyers, banners and final reports and anything else that the committee might need, also thanks to Desmond Bowen for all his dedication in making sure the

Juneteenth website is up and running with current and past years programs and itinerary for the festival, Maafa, and Potter's Field. We also want to reach out and give special thanks to all the individuals involved in the parade Annessa Wyman for coordinating and organizing the parade and to all those who were in the parade, the African Dancers, North Ridgeville band, Christian missionary Alliance choir and the praise dancers and Oberlin college performers. Thanks to the merchants of the community for helping in promoting Juneteenth with flyers in their store windows, and to IGA for supplying the water for the vendors and the community who attend. Thank you to all those who helped with ads and advertising to prompt the event, the Chronicle-Telegram for articles and pictures, WEOL for airtime, Oberlin College students for the interviews and airtime on the Oberlin College radio station, and John Seyfried for all his amazing pictures every year. To all the people, vendors and volunteers and of course the community who donated and helped in making this event come together through such a hard time of a pandemic and making it happen. To the community thank you so much for always attending and enjoying this special, community holiday and now a National Holiday.

Thank you from the Juneteenth Committee

Juneteenth Oberlin