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JUNETEENTH Oberlin 2023
Saturday June 17, 2023


Juneteenth 2022 Thank you

I want to thank all the people that made Juneteenth Oberlin a success. I thank the administrators. I want to thank the city of Oberlin. I want to thank all those working through public works - electricians, those who help with water, those on the ground, those who set up and break down events. I want to thank the police department for their help. I want to thank the workers at the UPS store. I want to thank the Oberlin public library's administrators as well as staff, they have been very important and supportive in the events. I want to thank the news agencies and all the press, I especily want to thank Channel 3 for their coverage. I want to thank Oberlin College. I thank the building and grounds and concert sound. I thank the Bonner Center for Service and Learning for their scholars and funding support. I thank the Dean of Students Office. I especially want to thank printing services for all their work. I thank all the speakers and performers at Juneteenth. I want to thank all the merchants that supply Juneteenth with merchandise, those who help Juneteenth with equipment and the service organizations and people who donated and who help make this event possible. I want to especially thank the community for all their support. Last but not least I would like to thank the Juneteenth Oberlin committee. I heard lots of feedback and people said it was one of the best Juneteenth celebrations. The only reason it was a success is because of the support the committee recieved. This is truly a community event.



Juneteenth Oberlin


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